PPG “Old # 27” Brand Products: Multi-Brackets for ATV and UTV (SxS) Mounting

Old # 27 Multi-Brackets for mounting

Old # 27 Multi-Brackets for mounting

We really wanted a set of brackets that could work on most popular roll bar diameters, other structures of the machine and all around mounting bracket for mounting many things.

As an example, routing Snorkel Tubes and attaching other devices, like our Multi Breather, etc.

As an example attaching other devices, like our Multi Breather, etc.

Commander Snorkel Installed the Perry Performance Group way

As an example, routing Snorkel Tubes.

So I told our machinist my thoughts, and after a day passes, he brings me these unusual looking, but matching “wavy” clamps. I didn’t think they were anything special until he showed me what they could do. Wow, I wish I’d have paid more attention in math!!

He explained to me that these, mathematically, will mount from 2.5”s on one end down to 7/8” on the other, and it will hold , or mount, down to 1” on the larger end down to ½” on the other. WHAT? But they will, and they do!!

No one Set of “clamping” brackets could do this!?

I said to him “I see they have all of these pre-bent sections” it looks cool. But dang, they sure take a lot of time to make. He stated that we would need to do a production run with his CAD drawings of the clamps and we’d be set. Well, we have our first 100 sets and they are made of T-6 6061 aircraft grade aluminum. They are also powder coated to keep looking good for years to come. They also have a Life-Time warranty against breakage!! Hopefully these things are understandable and hence the price of them. We aren’t able to really profit from these, but it can help many people with mounting needs.

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