2015 DS 250 Family

2015 Can-Am DS 250 ATV

BASE model DS 250 comes with…

  • T-Class designation for riders 14+
  • Liquid-cooled 249cc engine
  • CVT transmission
  • Hydraulic disc brakes with steel-braided brake lines
  • Front and rear shocks adjustable for spring pre-load
  • Meets CARB “Green Label” emissions standards


ALL DS 250’s Come With:

T-Class designation

A T-class ATV designation means it is designed for and can be operated riders 14 and older. It features a maximum unregulated speed of 38 mph (61 km/h).

Liquid-cooled 249cc engine

One of the only liquid-cooled ATVs in its category, the single overhead cam and four-valve four-stroke engine powering the DS 250 offers consistent, rousing power for entry-level riders. Includes a built-in throttle limiter, electric start and handlebar mounted choke lever.

Automatic CVT Transmission

Offering swift acceleration, the Continuously Variable Transmission requires no shifting. Features an automotive-type shifter with forward, neutral and reverse settings.

Hydraulic disc brakes with steel-braided brake lines

Improved riding control and stopping power is supplied by front and rear hydraulic disc brakes. The system includes separate front-and-rear brake control and braided stainless steel bake lines to reduce fade.

Front and rear spring pre-load load adjusters

Five-position adjusters on the motion control shocks include five-way preload adjusters to alter the rider setting according to the operator’s weight and the terrain conditions.

Full lighting

For improve visibility and trail illumination, dual 35-Watt headlights are standard. A single taillight/brake light is an added safety feature for trail riding.

Stylish Design

Classy sport-quad appearance with enough of a stylistic edge to get you noticed.