Other Can-Am Projects, Services and Things We Do

In our many years of experience, we’ve received many requests that don’t exactly fit into what we do.  However, we love cool Can-Am projects as much as we love our customers.  So if someone needs something that we don’t normally do, (like a custom Hi-Lifter Hitch) we’ll do our best to make it a reality.  If it means getting help from local engineers, Fabricators or Gymnasts (You never know) we’ll be there.  Below are some of the odd projects we’ve had our hands in!

Beautiful Install of a Snorkel Kit on the Commander SxS

Custom Bent Tail Light Brackets for Renegades that have Broken Mounts

PPG’s Painless CVT Drain for Can-Am ATV’s and SxS’s

Custom Hi-Lifter Hitch

Trick Breather Filter Prototype for SxS Snorkel Kits

Prototyping Curved A-Arm Protection

Cool Tools and Equipment

More Cool Tools and Equipment