Side by Side Spark PlugOften forgotten like a toothbrush on a vacation, the spark plug plays an integral part on your engine’s performance. Much like the toothbrush makes your breath fresh and approachable, the proper spark plug makes your engine efficient and dependable. While we are not saying you should brush your teeth with spark plugs, WE ARE saying you should spend some time to at least get to know your spark plugs and how to choose the right one.

Your vehicle’s engine uses combustion aided by a proper air/fuel mixture. The spark plug’s job is to ignite this mixture using voltage from your ignition system. (About 35,000 – 50,0000 volts worth) Good spark plugs offer electrical insulation against high voltage, can withstand high temperatures up to 4,500 degrees, high pressure of about 700 PSI along with sudden changes of temperature, vibration and chemical erosion. That’s a tall order for something that fits in your hand but spark plugs do this job every time you fire up your motor. Read More!